Thursday, February 16, 2012

Catching up

I've been kinda jumping around on crafts lately. Started teaching Madeline crochet. We've tried several times before, but one or the other of us got frustrated with it and gave up. She asked again a couple weeks ago if we could work on chains and we sat down and worked on it and looked at a video from Lion Brand website and she figured it out. So she's been busy making mile long chains lately.  She feels like a chain professional. Now what to do with the chains?? She doesn't want to take them out. We'll figure out something. On to the next stitch.  This time next year, she'll be whipping out her own projects.

I wanted to make myself a nice lacey shawl for spring/summer. I've had this Luster Sheen in my stash for a while and hadn't found anything to use it for. I found this beautiful pattern on Drops (beautiful free knit & crochet patterns on here) and I have a match.  It's slow going right now, figuring out the pattern and keeping rows straight, but once I get that down, it'll be a breeze.

Pinterest has been a great source of inspiration and patterns. I came across this beautiful blanket on pinterest and had to find out how it was made. It's a stitch pattern called Bavarian crochet. It's worked in the round like granny squares, but with a lot of back post work to make the ridges and shape petals into squares. It's a pretty cool pattern demonstrated here on youtube. I had to try it out right away. Just started out with a couple scrap pieces, but I think I may just continue it from  here and keep working at it a little at a time. New long term project!

I've also been discussing Easter dresses with Madeline. We looked at a few different dress patterns online and decided on this party dress. Madeline decided she wants a white dress with red sash and accents.  I may already have all the fabric I need for it and red & white would be cute for the boys also.